Graduate Competency

Student Outcomes

After completing the study, graduates are:
  1. Able to identify and formulate the root cause of system performance information through data analysis and information on business processes
  2. Able to identify the needs of the database for building information systems.
  3. Able to design, create and manipulate and implement computer-based information system independently or in groups through the study of information systems to develop a strategic plan at the level of small and medium organizations.
  4. Able to design, create, manipulate and implement a computer based information system for new business models and processes in an organization at the level of small and medium-sized
  5. Able to communicate alternative solutions development and implementation of information systems based on theory either independently or in groups in writing, designing, and prototyping
  6. Able to perform management, integration and added value on the results of data analysis to produce high quality information to the organization's needs, especially in business management in retail.
  7. Able to identify the needs and design the proposed business processes and ICT systems, considering the principles of management in business management in retail.
  8. Able to perform a feasibility study and evaluation to produce the alternative solutions of information systems development for business management in retail.