Graduate Competency

After completing the study, graduates are:

  1. Able to prepare financial reports for business entities based on current Global Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GGAAP).
  2. Able to prepare management reports based on accounting knowledge to support planning, controlling, and
  3. Able to analyze financial statements, management reports, business and control risks and give recommendation to improve effectiveness of entities’ financial performance.
  4. Able to organize audit field work of financial reports in accordance with Global Generally Accepted Auditing
    Standard (GGAAS).
  5. Able to analyze and give recommendations to improve the effectiveness of accounting information system.
  6. Able to arrange taxation reports of individual and corporate taxpayers in accordance with the taxation laws and regulations.
  7. Able to conduct financial audits and management audits in accordance to auditing standards and able to give recommendations or audit opinions.
  8. Able to make recommendations and suggestions regarding taxation issues in accordance with applicable tax laws.
  9. Able to prepare sustainable accounting reports related to practical of managerial accounting and sustainable accounting.
  10. Able to perform recommendation with multi-disciplinary approach